Welcome to Bright Acupuncture Clinic
We are dedicated to provide personalized services
through acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine
(TCM), herb remedy and other proven natural
methods to promote better health and to improve
the quality of life. Acupuncturist Lily Li came from a
family that have been practicing TCM for
generations. She had been trained in traditional
Chinese medicine and Western medicine. We strive
to integrate the best medical knowledge of both the
East and the West to meet the treatment and
prevention needs of our patients.

We apply painless acupuncture technique to keep
your treatment comfortable. We also have
computerized meridian measurement system to
analyze whole body energy balance, new painless
body detoxification instrument, and NAET certified
allergy elimination program for your optimal health.
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for Your Optimal Health
We have excellent expertise and proven records for:
Pain relief
Infertility and other Woman's disorders
Allergy and allergen Elimination
Natural Therapy for Chronic illness
Anxiety, Depression, and related symptoms
Migraine headache and more
Bright Acupuncture Clinic
6552 Bright Ave, Whittier, CA 90601             (562)698-3056
Lily Li, LAc